Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Sean Thackery's Orion & others

Wow! I love these wines especially the Orion.

Amazed by their Sangiovese as a new addition to their line up, well yeah at least two vintages old. but the classic blends in the Rhone style are exceptional!! These wines pair well with quail, squab and duck like you wouldn't believe.....fire up the wood oven to a mere 1500 degrees and sear the fowl and serve with some of Quady's Elysium reduced to a glaze and yes the outside appears burnt but wasn't blackened fish popular a few years back? You won't believe the wonderful flavors of this type of poultry prepared like this to arouse every post olfactory sense you may have and then adding a wine like one of Thackery's blends will awaken you in a state of nirvana for hours post deglutition of these foods and one of these wines together producing a hallucinatory state only rivaled by inadvertant illicit consumption of fungus or molds on rye bread and the subsquent reactions therof! Give it your best shot...........NOW


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